formbase is a software as a service, which helps small and medium-sized businesses to reduce their field and administration costs by providing a paperless solution for collecting, storing and managing their projects' data.

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Accessible From Everywhere

Your data is securely stored in the cloud and accessible from everywhere.

Custom Forms

Every form is custom build from our expert team to accommodate the specific needs of your business.

Mobile Form Submissions

The mobile form submissions enable a fast, efficient and paperless workflow.

Offline Support

User your app in rugged areas with an automatic sync, once connected to a network.

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99€/mo 69€/mo

*billed anualy


299€/mo 209€/mo

*billed anualy


799€/mo 559€/mo

*billed anualy

up to 3 Contributors

up to 10 Projects

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Offline Form Submission

Export to pdf

No Branding


up to 10 Contributors

up to 30 Projects

Export to cvc and xls

Scheduled Form Assignments


up to 25 Contributors

Unlimited Projects


For simplicity, we call every entity, for which data should be gathered, a Project and every piece of structured data - a Form


499/mo 249$/mo


formbase PREMIUM plan with 50% discount

499$/mo 249$/mo

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