A lot of companies nowadays are loosing money due to inefficient processes. They are being transferred internally from employee to employee and in rare cases even whole departments grow around them. They become dependent on specific individuals and require knowledge, which is hardly documented. The collected field data is spread across emails and storage providers.

Data is the backbone of many businesses and all of them, with no doubt, have developed processes for collecting, storing and managing it. These processes grew with the company and expanded as needed to accommodate its continuous needs, making them expensive and unscalable. Some field data collection systems, which are still used today, consist of literally tons of paper and hundreds of hours of manual work per year. The data is being collected with a pen and a paper form, organised in ledgers and then archives. Searches are rare, mainly because it must be done by hand. And there is, of course, damaging the paper form, loosing it or not be able to read it due to poor writing. Even in the case there is some piece of software involved, the data has to be entered and shared manually.

All of the above inefficiencies contribute, directly or indirectly, to the high costs associated with collecting, using and sharing field data. Some companies have full time employees, whose primary task is to organise and forward it. A modern data collection system should avoid these unnecessary costs. It should work on and offline, in case it’s used in rugged areas. Forms should move up and down the approval chain with no hassle. It should be securely hosted and accessible from anywhere. The collection forms should be tailored to your business’s needs.

Every company will eventually substitute the old, slow, inefficient field data collection processes. It will take some time and resources to go paperless, however, the expenses associated with it affect all companies and everyone has to deal with it at some point of time.

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