Meeting customers from logistics and relocation services we are often talking about digitalization. One of the main reasons digitalization is on our minds is monetization of the data you generate while delivering goods for your customers. In this blog post, we explore how to do it.
Before all, having the data available inside of your organization would enable you to implement ideas, like “Can we send this customer a real-time location of the cupboard he ordered to be transported?” or “Can I get a notification once the customer signs handover protocol?” And this is possible, but who wants to invest 30k€ or more into the infrastructure needed for it?
We, the formbase team, believe that you should not make a huge upfront investment to test your ideas! Nowadays business is all about trying new things and driving your customer engagement. With formbase you get ready to go solution managing customer signatures. Let’s consider this scenario, your driver helped to relocate someone to the other side of Europe and now he needs a proof that all of the goods arrived save and sound. One option would be to sign a paper and bring it back to the office in a couple of weeks (or lose it on the way) With formbase you can get immediate feedback, that the arrival form was signed by your customer since it is happening on a mobile device of your driver. Having this information available, you can follow up with the customer and even send him an email with the form he just signed and a prompt to leave you a great review, which would lead to new customers and additional revenue.

Do you want to find out how formbase can help you in digitalization of your company? Please leave us you contact details and we will get in touch with you to demo our product personally.