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formbase is a Software as a Service, which helps businesses to reduce their field and administration costs by providing a paperless solution for collecting, storing and managing their form data.

Digitalisation Partner as a Service 

Accessible From Anywhere

Your data is securely stored in the cloud and accessible from everywhere.

Custom Forms

Every form is custom-built from our expert team to accommodate the specific needs of your business.

Mobile Form Submissions

The mobile form submissions enable a fast, efficient and paperless workflow.

Offline Support

Use your app in rugged areas with automatic sync, once connected to a network.

Happy Customers

Win your customers’ attention and trust by giving them a touch point with you, which is easy to use and doesn’t waste their valuable time. The custom branded mobile app ensures that your customers get the same familiar experience and white glove support, to which they are used to.

Control Over Your Data

Get comfort by knowing that your data is securely stored, easily accessible and you didn’t waste resources in the collection process. Companies struggle due to inefficient process, which grew with the company and became impossible to maintain and scale. Adjust your company for the information age.


Paperless is with no doubt the future. No need for your team to dig though archives, just to find a form. No loss of data because of spilled coffee or bad handwriting. Fast and easy data collection and management for effective workflows.


Seamless integration with all major storage providers, email clients, calendars and invoicing software. Expand your options by leveraging the existing SaaS network and immediately benefit from the combined experience of hundreds of experts. Hassle free integrations for busy people.

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Common Use Cases

Building Services:
(repairment work)

If there is a problem with a property, Formbase Scheduler can be used to schedule a repairment in the calendar by adding an engineer performing the work and the property. Both the customer and engineer will get notified when the date is due, so that everybody is prepared for the meeting.
When the engineer arrives at the property, he/she can start filling the form with a couple of clicks. The geo location is taken automatically, so it doesn’t need to be entered manually. After the engineer takes photos of the problem spots, finishes the repair work and fills the rest of the form, the form is ready for signing from both parties. If there is a problem with the connection, the form is saved when the user gets back online to ensure that no information is lost.

After the form is filled, a pdf is automatically forwarded to the customer. The form is then available in the dashboard for further changes or export by the appropriate personel.

By Avoiding the indirect and direct costs connected with data management in the building services industry, companies are saving tens of thousands of euros annually and data doesn’t get lost in the archives.

Relocation Services:
(office relocation)

Formbase delivers a secure solution for the efficient recording of moving goods and the planning of logistics requirements at the client’s place. The mobile app enables the capture of removal goods with photos, even when not connected to the Internet, and seamlessly transfers the data to the customer’s ERP system.

An employee enters the client’s facilities with a mobile phone and records all removal goods, their condition, and any other logistics requirements. He/she makes pictures of any documentation worth materials and removal goods. The client signs directly on the mobile phone with his/her signature.

Then all of the goods are loaded into the truck and moved to the destination point. Once arrived and offloaded, the employee offers the client to check the condition of the moving goods and sign it off with another signature on a mobile device.

The operator receives a notification, that all work is done and can follow up with the client to ensure his/her happiness with the service.