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Gemba Walk in the Digital Age

Gemba Walk in the Digital Age

What’s Gemba? Gemba is about getting to the location where the job is really performed, to watch it on your own, and also to comprehend it from the point of view of the man performing it. It is not a new approach, it became popular before virtually every machine...
Why to analyse data? Why should I bother?

Why to analyse data? Why should I bother?

For a long time, the big data movement was seen as a tool for the industry. I felt that the big data movement was way too complex for a few data people to understand. I was wrong!The big data movement has grown into one of the largest and most interesting data science...
Relocation services digitalization

Digitalisierung in der Umzugsbranche

Meeting customers from logistics and relocation services we are often talking about digitalization. One of the main reasons digitalization is on our minds is monetization of the data you generate while delivering goods for your customers. In this blog post, we explore...
How Much Does Field Data Collection Cost?

Wie viel kostet die Datenerfassung vor Ort?

A lot of companies nowadays are loosing money due to inefficient processes. They are being transferred internally from employee to employee and in rare cases even whole departments grow around them. They become dependent on specific individuals and require knowledge,...